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My work focuses on female identity, especially my own. I am fearless when I paint which contradicts the way I cautiously live my life. I strive to be bold and brave. Painting allows me to express personality traits that I wrestle with in my everyday life. 

In the painting, ‘Newly Born’ the crawling  figures are versions of myself. These figures portray the uncomfortable stage of struggling through new growth. 'Newly Born' isn't polite, quiet, or ladylike. Yet it is feminine. My sense of femininity and creativity are inextricably linked to my experience of giving birth. Messy, all-consuming, raucousness requiring everything I'm capable of giving and then some. Birthing my daughter was a magnificent experience. That deeply physical and spiritual energy is what I want to create when I paint. It happens. Not all the time. But it happens often enough to keep me coming back for more.











'Fulcrum' has a birth-y, messy background. The main figure in the foreground is precariously balancing on a smaller figure, maintaining its equilibrium. The balancing act we all do to keep our lives leaning towards the positive.









'Standing One's Ground' is autobiographical in that it captures where I am now that I'm sixty-six. I'm finally standing on solid ground physically, emotionally, psychologically, spiritually... The figure is born out of visceral chaos with a confident stance staring out at the viewer. 


Jackson Pollock is quoted as saying, "Every good painter paints what he is"


"I paint what I am" Barbara Ferrari